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Accueil » A showroom during Paris Fashion Week: meticulous preparation

A showroom during Paris Fashion Week: meticulous preparation

Paris Fashion Week brings together brands from all over the world to unveil their new collections, attracting buyers, influencers and international media. To shine at this major event, preparing your showroom and its location is essential to showcasing your brand. Here are some tips for creating a striking showroom at Paris Fashion Week.

Choose the ideal location

The location of your showroom is a key factor in securing appointments with buyers. Opt for a strategic location, easily accessible from the main fashion hotspots. Trendy neighborhoods such as the Marais and the 8th arrondissement are renowned for hosting brands that are already firmly established in people’s minds. Emerging districts, such as the 2nd arrondissement, Bastille and République, are in demand from younger brands. What’s more, we’ve already unearthed some rare gems for you in these new hot spots. However, beyond the district itself, another point is essential in deciding on a location: the surrounding showrooms. Locate near showrooms that are either already leaders in their field, or emerging ones that are being closely followed by the press. That way, you’ll benefit from appointments already made by buyers in the area. If you’d like to delve deeper into the subject of location, please consult the following article:

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Atmosphere, style and surface area

Beyond the location, the atmosphere and style of the space should reflect your brand’s DNA. Many different types of venue coexist: industrial, loft-style, minimalist, classic with moldings, avant-garde, trashy, and so on. You can opt for an industrial atmosphere with metal structures for a modern style, or prefer a more hushed, elegant setting like a typical Parisian apartment. The SFW agency offers a wide range of locations in a variety of styles, from galleries to exceptional apartments. Their expertise will help you find the rare jewel that will sublimate your collections.

Logistics and preparations

Behind the curtain, meticulous organization is essential to ensure the success of your showroom. It’s essential to prepare in advance for the rental of your equipment (racks, furnishings, steamer, etc.), and the related transport. What’s more, the invitation you send out to your customers must be well thought-out, but above all original, to arouse their curiosity and interest. Finally, if you’re organizing a fashion show, preparing the aftershow is also of the utmost importance: it’s the final touch that will leave a lasting impression.

Scenography and merchandising

Once you’ve chosen a venue, focus on staging your collections. Merchandising is crucial to creating a memorable customer experience. It’s a point often neglected by brands, yet it’s just as important in a showroom as it is in a boutique or corner.

Lighting and furniture

Choose showrooms equipped with the right lighting to highlight your creations. Custom fixtures or strategically placed spotlights will make all the difference. Furniture, such as racks, tables and chairs, should be carefully selected to complement the desired ambience. Equipment such as high-speed WiFi and a quality audio system will also contribute to an optimal experience. The color temperature of lighting, measured in Kelvin (K), strongly influences the ambience of a space. For a warm, welcoming light, ideal for fashion showrooms in particular, a temperature between 2700K and 3000K is recommended.