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Fashion shows: a 3 in 1 event

Fashion houses often choose their shows places at the last minute. Indeed, for those registered on the calendar of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, the definitive date of their appearance is not revealed until very shortly before the start of Fashion Week. This uncertainty creates a situation of constant urgency for the brands, which must quickly find the ideal fashion shows place to present their collection during this prestigious week.

The peace of mind you looking for

It is in this context of urgency that agencies such as SFW (Showroom Fashion Week) become invaluable allies. Accustomed to working to tight deadlines and backed by their in-depth knowledge of the field, SFW’s location hunters are perfectly equipped to respond quickly to fashion houses’ requests. Their extensive network and expertise enable them to find unique spaces, adapted and above all available to the specific needs of each brand, even at very short notice.

As strategic partners, SFW offer fashion houses the peace of mind they need to concentrate fully on their collections. Their ability to meet the challenges of finding venues, and so fashion shows place, in a limited timeframe makes them an invaluable asset in the process of preparing a fashion show in Paris. Thanks to their collaboration, brands can be sure that their show will take place in a setting that lives up to their expectations, reinforcing their brand image and their position on the international fashion scene.

fashion shows but not only

The organisation of fittings is also a crucial stage in the preparation of a fashion show. The location of these sessions is of great strategic importance to fashion houses. It is preferable for fittings to take place close to the catwalk, to facilitate the logistics for the teams and models.

Fortunately, it is possible to transform a variety of spaces into private fitting rooms, offering great flexibility in terms of location. Working with an agency with in-depth local knowledge ensures that private fitting rooms meet the highest standards in terms of comfort, practicality and confidentiality.

A particularly interesting aspect is that this fitting area can be quickly converted into a showroom once the show is over. This offers a double advantage in terms of saving time and reducing costs. By transforming the space used for fittings into a showroom, fashion houses can maximise the use of the space and optimise their initial investment. Rather than having to find and rent a new space to present their collections to buyers after the show, they can simply re-use the space already used for fittings and preparations. This saves on additional rental costs and the logistical costs associated with moving to another venue.