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Enhancing your showroom

Social networks and website

A showroom requires weeks of advance preparation. In fact, you need to plan Instagram or TikTok publications about your event. Exploiting these platforms is essential to generate interest among buyers. Find a teasing axis for your event, publish mysterious glimpses of the venue, set up a countdown timer and share eye-catching visuals by talented artists. You can also consider targeted advertising campaigns on social networks to reach a wider professional audience.

Animations and immersive experiences

To make a lasting impression, consider integrating animations or immersive experiences into your showroom. Video projections, art installations or even live performances will enhance your visitors’ engagement during their appointment. More and more brands are using these elements to differentiate themselves and emphasize the spirit of the brand and collection. In addition to video or photo projections of the fashion show, if available, it’s a good idea to use art or design pieces that highlight and reinforce the collection’s message. If you’re thinking of hiring cab models, it’s important to make your requests two to three weeks in advance, so you’ll have a choice.

Press relations and influencers

Don’t forget to involve the media and influencers in your communications strategy. Organize exclusive press events or invite influential personalities to amplify your brand’s visibility. More and more showrooms are inviting fashion influencers to promote their products and brand identity. As for events, a cocktail party to celebrate the opening or closing of the showroom is a pertinent idea. It’s an underused way of communicating and creating buzz.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to design a captivating showroom that will create a sensation during Paris Fashion Week.
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