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Accueil » Showrooms, a history of fashion

Showrooms, a history of fashion

With the collections that inhabit them, showrooms evolve with trends and time.

But what is a showroom, really? Showrooms are what bring Fashion Week to life; they are the adornments of the collections, sublimating them during their most beautiful moments. The streetwear universe that has invaded the fashion world in recent years has had its own influence on the environment.

Urban décor, rap performances, logomania… All these elements, which 10 years ago we’d never have imagined we’d find on the catwalk, now have more than their place, they dominate the space.

A concrete illustration of this phenomenon is the Louis Vuitton show directed by Pharrell Williams during Fashion Week in June 2023, during which he set the Pont Neuf ablaze with guests Jay Z and Beyoncé. A collection proudly bearing the brand’s monogram, a perfect example of the logomania that characterizes current trends.

This underground spirit is reflected in several showrooms. Designers are looking for raw, industrial decors. They want an urban ambience, and are keen to contextualize their pieces in order to sell their complete identity here. We invite you to immerse yourself in this atmosphere with some of our showrooms that perfectly match this trend

Fashion is an eternal restart, so will the end of streetwear herald the return of Versailles-style showrooms?