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Accueil » The fashion guide PFW January 2024: Croissant fever

The fashion guide PFW January 2024: Croissant fever

Being Parisian is an art in itself. And that art lies in an essential: the morning croissant. So, between two fashion shows, we must treat ourselves to this emblematic delicacy! But because in Paris, nothing is basic, we have a multitude of different kinds of croissants, which themselves are becoming real trends.

Among the classics is the star of Parisian croissants, which sometimes requires several hours in line: Cédric Grolet’s croissant. It impresses customers with its perfect aesthetic. Melt-in-the-mouth and crisp, Cyril Lignac’s croissant owes its success to the high-quality ingredients chosen to prepare it: flour from Minoterie Viron, fresh butter from Charentes-Poitou… What makes the difference? A timed resting time for the dough, to control the development of the alveoli.

But Paris also abounds in recipes, each more original than the last.

Christophe Michalak, who offers a delicious classic croissant in his Kopain bakery, also proposes a slightly different version that’s also worth a detour: the pretzel croissant. This original creation, halfway between a viennoiserie and a brioche, is surprisingly flavorful. In this hybrid croissant, the different textures are perfectly balanced, and the sweet-savory side puts everyone in agreement. The Chez Meunier bakery, a must in Paris, has created a croissant that’s more than gourmet, the croissant rocher. It’s wrapped in a rocher topping and filled with a homemade praline. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll love it! The famous pastry chef Pierre Hermé also has his own version of the croissant. Made with puff pastry, rose marzipan, raspberry & lychee compote and dried raspberry slivers, this Ispahan croissant is a fragrant treat that’s a sight to behold.

Last but not least, if you’re on a gluten-free diet, Paris has just the thing for you! The Copains bakery, located in various parts of the capital, offers a gluten-free range with several alternatives to wheat flour! In particular, you’ll find the naturally gluten-free brioche croissant, which loses none of its delicious taste!